Sunday, April 19, 2009

My grandmother was a scrapbooker

I recently found out that my paternal grandmother, who passed away when my father was 12, was a scrapbooker. I am moved that my father gave her albums to me. I want to restore them, while preserving her work and her memories. You can see that she used materials available to her at the time, and in the scrapbooks are pasted cards, little cut out sayings and of course her journaling. I am truly blessed to have gotten these.

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Deanna said...

What a treasure you have!! My grandmother was a poet, and left me a scrapbook full of poems that she started at about age 16. She lived to be 73, so I have a LOT of poems. She wrote poems for people in the family, when babies were born, when people got married, when people died! So, it's a good genealogical report too! She even added a photo or two here and there. She wrote in pencil to begin with, and some of it is really hard to read now!!